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Since the first version of The Breeder's Standard® appeared in late 1991, it has been the leader in technology and ease-of-use for every animal breeder. After eighteen years of development, The Breeder's Standard® is the most popular program, selling the most units per year and sporting the industry's largest installed base. Now, as the computers and operating systems everyone uses are about to move on to newer and better ways to do things, PedFast Technologies leads the way in our industry -- again.

PedFast Technologies announces the Final Release of The Breeder's Standard® 2012. Everything is new in this program. This program is all new. Not only does TBS 2012 sport a newer, easier-to-use look and feel, but we add new and powerful features as well.

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Power and Easy Use

The Breeder's Standard 2012 sporta a modern, easy interface. When you select an animal in our list, the right hand side pane pops up a summary of dog facts for easy reference. There is a navigation bar that remembers the last ten places you have been with the program.Obscure menus have been replaced with a Microsoft Office like ribbon that contains our powerful functions right at your fingertips.

We make our program work like you think.

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MegaPed™ 2012: The Tradition Continues

Since 1996, no other animal-related program has come remotely close to the breathtaking quality of our pedigrees. MegaPed™ 2012 continues in that tradition, with all of the power of previous versions, plus an all-new user experience to make creating the perfect pedigree simple and fun!

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Even More Genetic Power

Our legendary Crystal Ball™ is present, with improved power and MegaPed™ hypothetical pedigrees. Our revamped Wright Coefficient calculator gives a detailed listing of all of the ancestors in a calculation. And, it is joined by the new Coefficient of Relationship (COR) module, giving TBS 2012 the most genetic power of any Windows-based pedigree program.

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Reports From Heaven!

The Breeder's Standard has led the way in reporting power since it was first introduced in 1991. Now, we add reporting power and simplicity, as we add reports. Export to new formats, generate reports faster, enjoy a clean and crisp look-and-feel. As the prouct nears completion, we expect to have over 200 reports available on release day!

New Features in TBS 2012:

  • MyActivate™:  No more tedious code entry!  Log into your program with your MyPedFast ID from which you purchased, and press the MyActivate button.  The program contacts our servers, downloads the activation codes and installs them for you instantly!
  • AutoUpdate III:  TBS 2012 checks our servers for any updates automatically, and with one click of a button, effortlessly installs them for you!  No more download this, install that, and pray that everything went well.
  • Coefficient of Relationship: Calculate the COR for any two animals in the database you may choose to mate to each other
  • Printer-Quality Reverse Pedigrees: Print beautiful 10-generation reverse pedigrees of your animals.
  • All-New Reports: Our new, faster, easier reporting engine sports new reports for your animals, breeding and competition.
  • Single File Unitary Database!
    TBS 2012 sports the new proprietary .PTPED high-speed database format, stored in a single file. No more backing up two folders full of files. Open your kennel database by double-clicking on it or by opening it in TBS 2012.
    Later on, when we release CompuPed® 7G, it will also use the identical .PTPED file format, meaning that there is no need to export or import between PedFast Technologies programs!
  • Much Smaller and faster installation: No more database engine to install. The program will install more quickly, and will require fewer Vista and Windows 7/8 administrative privileges, and none to run the program. Imagine that -- a more powerful program, and we made it faster and smaller!
  • Compatible with pedigree Power Packs(tm): TBS 2012 supports the new Pedigree Power Packs 2.0.  they come pre-installed on a trial basis with the program.  If you buy, you can simply click MyActivate in our activation window and begin using them at once!  No downloads or installs needed!.
  • Puggsley(tm) II: Puggsley(tm) has evolved! You now enjoy a switchable context helper on the right hand side of the window, that shows help for the screen you are using at the time. Now, you don't even need to press F1 for help!
  • Coming soon: Native Apple Mac! Soon, TBS 2012 will run on the Apple Mac! (Requires OSX Snow Leopard or newer and Intel chipset). We are working on it now!  Our Mac edition will be 100% compatible with the Windows version, meaning you can open a .PTPED file from our Windows program on the mac without any changes and vice versa.
Of course, all of our existing features, PedFast(tm), Crystal Ball(tm), MegaPed(tm) and GreenShade(tm) are all in the new program, and have been improved.

TBS 2012 Requirements:

Operating system:
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Sorry; Windows XP is no longer supported.  

Soon we will also support Intel-based Apple Mac computers running OSX Snow Leopard or newer.

RAM: 1GB or more, 3GB+ preferred.

Video : 1024x768 or larger screen size.

Disk: Recommended 75 megs to install, 2GB free to build kennel databases.

The final edition is released!

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