NETigree III by PedFast Technologies™

NETigree® III by PedFast Technologies

Back in 1996, Man's Best Friend Software (now PedFast Technologies) introduced the world to NETigree®. The web was just a few years old, and at the time, the interactive online pedigree was something that nobody had even considered. Now, the Internet is decades old, and the technology has matured. And now, PedFast proudly introduces NETigree® III - completely redesigned. NETigree® III produces the finest pedigrees that you can put on a web site.

The completely-redesigned NETigree® III gives you never-seen-before power to generate interactive HTML pedigrees, with features not seen before:

  • Four or five generations
  • Drilled-down popups with photo, for each animal
  • Watermarks that stay put if the pedigree scrolls
  • Over nine hundred free fonts from Google Fonts* to choose from
  • Single-file page generation - photos are embedded so that you get faster page loads and more control over your NETigrees.
On October 16, 2018, we removed all JavaScript from our NETigrees, and do it all with HTML.  This makes our NETigrees universally browser compatible for all of the latest browsers.

Easy Use

The NETigree interface opens up your existing database files from any of these programs:

  • The Breeder's Standard® 2012 or newer
  • The Cattery's Standard™ 2013 or newer
  • iPed™ 5G or newer
  • Equestrian's Standard™ 2016 or newer.

The Interface gives you complete control over the look and feel of your NETigree. See our powerful features here:

(Click to see full size)

Fully interactive web browser previews allow you to test all of your settings before you publish the NETigree to the Internet.

Each animal has a pop-up window to give photo and or animal information.

(Click to see full size)

(Click to see full size)

A popup window also appears to tell of your business.

You can configure up to 900 fonts, a watermark, the color and size of the lines, and much more.

(Click to see full size)

(Click to see full size)

You can also choose the animal fields that appear, both on the Pedigree and on each animal pop-up.

You can also save all of the pedigrees you create into a "My NETigrees" folder in your Documents folder, and use NETigree® III 2019 to trst them in any browser installed on your computer.

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See for yourself!

We don't just talk about NETigrees. Here are three actual NETigrees from our program. Click on any of the example links below and look at live NETigrees.

Available Now!

NETigree® III 2019 is available now! You can download a trial version that will let you preview pedigrees for up to 14 days (saving and outside-browser testing are disabled until activated after purchase).

Click here to Download (requires myPedFast ID)

NETigree® III is $39.99 new. To upgrade from older NETigree versions, the cost is $25.99.  It requires that you already have a license to one of the programs listed above.

Coming soon: NETigree® III Professional Edition, which will license you to create NETigree web pages for people other than yourself.

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* Google provides Google fonts free of charge. PedFast Technologies is not affiliated with or endorsed by Google or Alphabet, Inc.