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Make Each Pedigree a Work of Art with Pedcasso™

Pedcasso!Everyone who breeds fine dogs and cats wants to make a statement about the quality of their animals.  That quality is often reflected in the animal's heritage.  While some pedigree programs offer you options to "jazz up" a fixed set of layouts, you deserve much more.

PedFast Technologies™ proudly offers Pedcasso™.  Pedcasso™ gives you the power to design any number of layouts to be used with the MegaPed™ 2001-2003 modules of our flagship programs, The Breeder's Standard and The Cattery's Standard™.

Adding several new and starter layouts to those that come with the program in the first place, Pedcasso™ lets you clone these ten layouts and then design to your heart's desire.  With the new patches (free of charge) incorporated into the MegaPed™ modules, you can do new things not before possible with the fixed formats of other programs.

Pedcasso™ is sold as an add-on program, and requires that you have one of the following programs in order to use it:

  • The Breeder's Standard™ 2001-2009 for Windows
  • The Cattery's Standard™ 2003-2009 for Windows

A new version of Pedcasso™ is planned to support iPed™ 5G, TBS 2012, TCS 2013, and TCS 2016.  That program will be released after the final TBS 2012 release is completed.

You'll need to have the latest patch of the program listed above in order to successfully use Pedcasso™.  Please note that Pedcasso does not work with the .NET editions of our programs.

Pedcasso Features:

Easy to Use

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Pedcasso™ sports an easy user interface, designed to operate quickly, after a very short install.  You pick the format you wish to change or clone, and click the button, and you are working on that format.   Pedcasso automatically installs new formats into The Breeder's Standard or the Cattery's Standard.

What You See is What you Get

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Pedcasso™ gives you a window to make your changes or adjustments.  You can change the size and position of any field, you can add special fields, change colors and other attributes.

After you're done making adjustments to the fields, preview the pedigree layout with one click.  Print it if you want!  Pedcasso will show you what the layout will look like on paper. What you see is what you get.

Awesome Pedigrees!

Pedcasso™ gives you power to make awesome pedigrees!  Don't take our word, click and see!



International Compatibility Pedcasso™ allows you to take any cloned layout and change the page size to anything from A3 to 11" x 17".  If you are from outside the USA, customize your pedigree layout to the size of paper you use .   Or, you can set up an extra-large pedigree.  We give you the power and take away the constraints.
Price Pedcasso™ costs only US$29.99 plus S&H (Printed manual is $6.99 extra).   If you choose electronic delivery, S&H is zero, and we deduct US$2.99 off the total of your order. 
Buy Now! Pedcasso™ gives you the power you deserve, at a very affordable price.  Make your pedigree a statement of your excellence, with our excellent tool.  Pedcasso is here and available for immediate delivery.

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Pedcasso™ add-on for TBS and TCS 2001-2009.

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